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Square des Ducs

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place des Ducs de Bourgogne • 21000 Dijon
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Adjoining the Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne (see the statue of Philippe le Bon), this little garden of 975 sq. m is the remains of the very large garden created for Marguerite de Flandres, the wife of Philippe le Hardi.
Deer, doe and wild boar have long since vanished along with the porpoise which once frolicked in the large pool, but this is still a pleasant, peaceful place in which to relax and ponder the saga of the Burgundian Dukes.

Layout: pool surrounded by rock gardens.
Vegetation: trees including some very old specimens (silver lime, purple beech, Japanese sophora, paulownia, etc.), shrubs, flower borders.
Features: benches.


Square des Ducs